Self-driving a Tuk-Tuk in Sri Lanka

A Tuk-Tuk is three-wheeler, also called auto rickshaw or trishaw and a motorized development of the traditional pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw. Commonly they are used as cheap taxis, inner-city and family transportation. You can see them in front of almost any hotel or being flagged down on the road.

Special Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Tours

Sri Lanka is the perfect country to hire a Tuk-Tuk for your holiday. 1,600 km of uncrowded, white beaches and most of the cultural highlights can easily be reached by Tuk Tuk - it gives you the freedom of where to stop and what to see.
Of course there are limitations: more than 3 people is a crowd (per Tuk-Tuk), luggage storage is limited and some of the hill stations cannot be accessed by a three-wheeler.

Whales Watching

Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world where elephants, the giants of the land roam next to the whales, giants of the ocean. With no land mass to fill the void between the Southern Sri Lanka and South polar of The Earth, a large number of Cetaceans or marine mammals including whales, dolphins, and porpoises roam the ocean around the country.

Playful Dolphins of the Ocean

Mirissa just 3 km south of Weligama is one of the places to meet the Blue Whales swimming next to pods of Sperm whales, short finned pilot whales, killer whales, fin whales, melon headed whales with spinner dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.

Round Tours

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Voted among the best beaches in the world, the 2 km long golden sandy stretch that lies between Weligama and Mirissa also leads to shallow reefs that are made for snorkelling and undersea rock formations that house a large number of marine life and are treasure troves for scuba divers.

Explore the Depths of Indian Ocean

With a large number of PADI certified diving stations scattered along the beach, a diving and snorkelling enthusiast will have an easy time finding the right equipment and crew to assist a great dive. A unique rock city that lay 20 meters under the blue ocean,


If you are looking to find a connection with the waves and try your feet in surfing Weligama is the ideal place to try your luck with the ocean.

The 0.5 km stretch of shallow sandy beach is one of the best places in Southern Sri Lanka to learn surfing and catch your first wave. Start at the first light of the day when the tide is just right and carry on surfing until the day break with a continuous flow of uncontended waves that hardly rise above 2.5 meters.

Connect with the Sea

Once you have learned your ropes in Weligama head to Kabalana, which is just 20-30 minute drive away from Weligama for immaculate beaches with a more exposed beach break with higher and faster waves to polish your surfing skills.